A professional business needs a professional .COM domain name. Secure a premium crowdfunding domain for your venture.


Immediately tell your visitors what your business is about. No weird names or made-up words. No strange misspellings or missing letters. Get straight to the point. Using “crowdfunding” in your domain makes it clear.


.COM is the only extension recognized worldwide. Don’t settle for an inferior and unfamiliar extension. Stick with the gold standard.


Using keywords such as “crowdfunding” in your domain name for a crowdfunding-related site can signal relevancy and increase your search engine rankings.
Crowdfunding is quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective methods for raising money online. It is an incredible financial and technological phenomenon that is spreading around the world every single day. Crowdfunding is set to revolutionize businesses everywhere in dozens of industries, including film, real estate, gaming, fashion, banking, and more. If you are a business or startup looking to get involved with crowdfunding, you need a premium .COM domain name (website address).

A great generic or descriptive .COM domain name is powerful. Choosing a domain name is a big decision that impacts the way visitors perceive your entire business. Your domain is your business’s piece of virtual real estate and sole online identifier. When customers see your domain name they should immediately know what you offer, which provides credibility, authority, and just makes sense. No weird or “cute” names that you pull out of thin air; just get straight to the point. Owning a descriptive .COM domain is a HUGE advantage that most businesses overlook. Don’t make that same mistake!

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